Miscellaneous tools


  1. Introduction to Bitcoin (video, good info)
  2. What is a Bitcoin?  (one of the best introductions to bitcoin, from Coindesk)
  3. Transaction Block Chains (Explains the Bitcoin Block Chain, good overview from Khan Academy
  4. 20 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow – Forbes


  1. Virtual Currency – The Bitcoin Guide eBook
  2. Several ebooks on business, some are free


  1. Free Business Planning Templates from SCORE (well known non-profit, dedicated to helping small businesses)
  2. This is a paid service, that has a professional touch and a network to submit your business plan to investors.  I haven’t used them, but they seem to have good reviews. 
  3. Good free tool (with paid plans as well) for writing business plan
  4. Free Point of Sale Software for retail stores.  I have used Open Bravo in several different retail stores.  It is free, but it has a huge following and a lot of contributions.
  5. Information about bitcoin wallet software from CEX.IO


  1.  (most popular forum for / about the bitcoin community
  2.  The Liberty Radio Network


  1. Article about VPN’s and net security, offers some solutions to common problems
  2. Information on cryptocurrency trading platforms

How to Get Started with Bitcoin?

  1. Download your bitcoin wallet.  You may want to try different wallets, to see which works best for you.  Find a list of wallets, and more information about bitcoin at:
  2.  How to earn my first coin?
    –  Play a game!  Earn bitcoins by playing Dragons Tail;
    – Get free litecoin’s at these “Litecoin Faucets”

  3. Try Cloud Mining @
  4. To buy or sell with bitcoin or litecoin, visit the ebay for cryptocurrency @


This month we are starting up our in-person bitcoin meetings, but in the future this information will expand, and rotate.  Check back soon for future updates.