How Bernie Sander’s socialism compares to the socialism in the 1920s

This is a continuation of the video that I created a few days ago about Bernie Sanders and how his platform compares to the National Socialist’s platform in the 1920s. I also demonstrate the pros and cons of capitalism and socialism.

Bernie Sanders Platform vs. National Socialists in the 1920s

Links/References from the video;

About cannabits, a currency created by me in 2008;

This is about the National Socialism Programe in the 1930s, from the Jewish Virtual Library;

Article called “The Deadly Consequences of Centralized Power”

Continuation of the trolling from the last video here;

Information about the sugar industries subsidies;

This is a video about free market Ireland;

About Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve;

Article; Capitalism has taken 1 billion people out of extreme poverty in 20 years;

Another great article about the benefits of capitalism;

More at;

Hitler the enemy of capitalism

Hitler the enemy of capitalism

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